The Greenon Local Board of Education met on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 to discuss personnel and other business related to the district in executive session. 

Following a 45 minute session the board voted unanimously to accept the retirement of second grade teacher Larry Yowler following his notice submitted to the district on April 25 of this year.

Yowler who is in his 60’s served both at Hustead Elementary and Indian Valley.  On February 13, the board tabled a recommendation made by District Superintendent Brad Silvas to place Yowler on unpaid suspension.  Yowler has been on paid administrative leave during the months prior to his retirement.

In February, over 20 parents attended the board meeting to support Yowler who has been investigated by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office for accusations made by Katie Blankenship a parent who had a child in his classroom this school year.  Blankenship filed a request for a protection order in Clark County Common Pleas Court in January. 

We reached out to some of the parents that attended the February meeting and spoke about their respect and their children’s experiences with Yowler as a teacher.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Jessi DeVore stated “the world just lost one more great teacher who has made such a long lasting impact on students”.  “It takes a special love to shape young minds and our children will forever remember their time with this gifted teacher”.  “He was patient, caring and dedicated to the growth of our kids”. 

DeVore also spoke on a personal note about her child’s experience in the classroom during the fall semester. “I could think o no one better to trust with my child and the admiration my child holds for him will forever be in my heart” she said.

All of the parents wished to thank Yowler for his time, love and impact that he has had for the students over his career.

No decision has ever been reached regarding the request for a protection order by the Domestic Relations Division and the magistrate hearing the case.  A phone conference was held on Friday, April 27, 2018 with the attorneys.  No results have been made available at this time.