On Wednesday, April 1, 2020, several individuals contacted the Clark County Sheriff's Office to advise them of a phone call they received. The caller was able to project a Sheriff's Office phone number onto the victims' caller ID, and identified themselves as "Sergeant Brown" from the Clark County Sheriff's Office. The caller proceeded to threaten the victims with arrest, advising that they had warrants issued due to missing a court appearance, and that a bond would need to be paid to avoid being jailed. The caller then advised the victims to withdraw money from the bank and call back for directions to pay the bond. The victims in these cases today recognized the scam before withdrawing money, and called the Sheriff's Office to report the offenses.

The Clark County Sheriff's Office WILL NOT call you on the phone to tell you there is a warrant for your arrest or to come downtown. Furthermore, the Clark County Sheriff's Office will not call you to have a fine paid over the phone or with gift cards.

If for any reason you have been a victim of this scam and have paid money to the caller, please contact the Clark County Sheriff's Office at 937-328-2560.