Enon Police officers responded to a call around 10:00 PM on November 28 regarding a robbery at 15 North Xenia Avenue at an apartment. Twenty year old Taylor Bennington told the officers that he had been attached by three men who also robbed him. In the description of the three, it was noted that they were armed and wearing ski masks.
Bennington was transported to Springfield Regional Medical Center by emergency services where he was treated and later released.
Two officers were injured when their vehicle was struck by a deer around 2:30 AM as they were headed west on State Rt 4. Lt. Mike Holler and Officer Robert Durham had been to the medical center to complete a follow-up investigation of the robbery.  
Both of the officers were transported to Springfield Regional and treated for minor injuries. They were unable to work the following day, however neither were hospitalized.
Damage to the vehicle is estimated at over $15,000 and may require the village to replace the cruiser. The front passenger side of the vehicle sustained major damage during the incident. The Ohio State Patrol is handling the investigation into the incident involving the cruiser.
Deer strikes are common in the late evening or early morning hours as this is the time that deer tend to move around. Although the strike is usually unavoidable, it is a good idea to pay attention to the shoulders of the road. The deer can be on the side of the road and then dart out unexpectedly as the car approaches. Watch for reflecting eyes. Remember that deer do wander in groups so if you see one run across the highway, there can be more following. A good reminder is to always wear your seatbelt.