Friday, March 4
9:49 a.m.  To the 4000 block of Schenley St. for thefts from unlocked vehicles. The homeowners awoke to find that two of their vehicles had been ransacked. Two drinks had been turned upside down in the cup holders in the truck, and a set of work keys had been taken. The other car had been ransacked, and a pair of sunglasses was missing.
10:38 p.m.  To the 3300 block of Laura Ln. for a reported burglary. A man said he awoke because his dog alerted him to someone knocking on the front door. When he approached the door, he saw a man he has known for a long time standing on the porch. The resident decided not to answer the door to see what happened next. The man on the porch then walked around to the side of the house and to the back patio, where he approached the back door and examined it closely. He then left in a blue Chevy pickup truck that he recognized as belonging to the suspect’s uncle. The suspect then came back about 20 minutes later, only this time, he was hauling a trailer on the back of the truck. He backed the trailer down the resident’s driveway, at which time, he called 911 because he knew something was about to happen. The original suspect and two other males got out of the truck, and the homeowner retrieved his gun in case they attempted to harm him. The resident walked out the front door and saw three men standing at the corner of his garage, and one of them was carrying a milk crate, and the other was holding a crowbar. He confronted the men, and the original suspect said repeatedly that his truck broke down, then dropped the milk crate, and two of them got back into the truck and sped away, while another fled west through his yard toward Old Mill. Deputies were unable to locate the truck, nor any footprints at the scene. The resident told deputies that the original suspect lives with a relative in Snyderville, and the deputy passed along the info to an OSP trooper who had arrived for backup. The resident told them that he knows the original suspect has a bad heroin addiction. He said the suspect also knows what valuables he keeps at his home, and that is why he was targeted.
Sunday, March 6
8:32 a.m.  To the 1900 block of Old Mill for a stolen trailer. The resident noted the trailer being parked in front of his barn the day before, and gone the next day. It was a 2006 Carr utility trailer, ten-foot, with a wire mesh tailgate.
10:35 a.m.  To the 2400 block of Lindair Dr. for theft of copper pipe from a vacant house. An employee of a property management company arrived at the home and noticed the copper pipe was cut from the basement. Approximately 119 feet of piping was stolen. The employee believed that the suspect might have entered through an unlocked basement window.
11:34 a.m.  To the 600 block of E. Blee Rd. for a stolen trailer. The reportee said the trailer was tied to a tree in his backyard. Photographs were taken of the tire tracks in the yard. The trailer was black, with a flip-up gate.
12:26 p.m.  To the 7900 block of Wescott, where a woman noticed a man walking down the sidewalk by her house. She said the man has protection orders and menacing charges against her boyfriend. She said the man on the sidewalk was walking very slowly and recording their house on his phone. She said he walks by all the time. The deputy advised her that because she nor her boyfriend have protection orders against him, that he is allowed to walk down the sidewalk and no laws had been violated.
Monday, March 7
10:48 a.m.  To the 3600 block of Charlotte for a burglary that occurred while the homeowner was asleep inside the house. She said she awoke to find her front window open and several items missing, including her 42-inch television, driver’s license, food stamp card, credit union card, $600 in cash, and a $144 money order. She said she did have friends over that night but everything was secure when they left and she went to bed around 11 p.m. She said she thought about it and remembered hearing that a friend of the two friends’ she had over had made comments in the past about breaking into her residence. No information was found on one of the named suspects.
5:50 p.m.  To the 6800 block of Ginger for a stolen Monte Carlo. The owner reported that when she returned home from being out of town, her Monte Carlo was missing from the driveway. She said she believes that her son’s girlfriend had taken the car, and advised them to check an address in Fairborn. Officer in Fairborn located the car where the woman said it would be, and the woman told them that she had given the other woman permission to drive it two weeks ago, but not while she was out of town. It is unclear if charges will be filed in the case.
7:55 p.m.  To the 3400 block of Laura Ln. for a domestic disturbance. A woman said the father of her child started a verbal domestic dispute with her and called her rude names, but no threats of violence. She said the man was drunk, and said she thought she was bothering the sheriff’s department by calling every time the man threatens or beats her, which he has done at least twice in the past two months, but said she fears for her safety and the safety of her child. The couple is split up but living together “for their daughter,” although the man has a warrant out for his arrest for domestic violence and is also seeking full custody of his daughter in a court date later this week.
Tuesday, March 8
12:15 a.m.  To the 6800 block of Ginger for a report of assault. A woman said she went to this residence to try to get her belongings when the homeowner arrived. She said the homeowner pushed her and told her not to take anything. The woman’s mother arrived and watched as her daughter exited the home with more of her belongings as the homeowner shoved her again. The homeowner, who is the woman’s boyfriend’s mother, said the woman was merely permitted to be there, but she didn’t live there. The homeowner was advised by deputies that this was a civil issue and that if she could not compose herself and handle it maturely, that they would leave it to her to resolve on her own with the courts. The woman said she would not press charges, but did want a report filed. The homeowner told the deputies she was very displeased with the way they handled the situation and claimed that she would complain to the Sheriff in the morning.
10:55 p.m.  To Eastbound I-70, where a driver stopped because he noticed smoke coming from behind his trailer. He saw that something had punctured his fuel tank, causing it to leak. Mad River FD responded and contained most of the fuel, and the EPA promised to send a representative out the next morning.
Wednesday, March 9
7:22 p.m.  To the 4400 block of Dayton Rd. for an ongoing neighbor dispute. The reportee said she borrowed money from her neighbor and was not able to reimburse her, which caused the neighbor to be upset. She said the neighbor stopped the reportee’s father as he was walking his dog and told him very negative things about his daughter. The reportee said she wanted to know what could be done about this harassment.