The weather was astoundingly perfect last Friday as the final generation of Hustead Huskies enjoyed the school’s last-ever Field Day celebration.

Each class was given a differently-colored shirt to wear, and when gathered together, the students formed a large rainbow across the playground. Students frolicked about from game to game, climbing inflatable castles, searching for candy in haystacks, and hopped around in sack races. Many students were overheard saying they were sad to leave Hustead’s idyllic country setting—nestled among lush woods and rolling fields.

Hustead teachers will begin the task of relocating their classrooms to Indian Valley this week, packing boxes and pallets that will be trucked away to Enon so that they may settle in at the new school.

Friday marked the fiftieth and final year that students have celebrated the last day of school at Hustead, as the building opened in 1964.