Spring is almost here according to the calendar and the planned changes to Dayton Road are ready to begin. According to Dean Fenton of the Clark County Engineers office, the bidding process will begin this month. Once the bids have been accepted and awarded, work could begin as soon as late April or early May.

This year long project is designed to improve the drainage of the roadway, provide a turn lane from the Stine Road McDonald’s west to Philadelphia Drive in Holiday Valley. Also included in the project will be new traffic signals for the area and replacement of the water line between Snider and Stine Roads. Drivers will see new pavement for the heavily traveled area of Mad River Township from the Enon Village limits west.

Fenton explained that the plan is to keep the disruption to businesses and access to homes to a minimum during the work. “In general the pavement will be there” said Fenton of the process. The project will require some one lane traffic due to the crossover of the waterlines, but for the majority of the time limited delays are expected.

Residents and delivery trucks will note that the winter of 2014 will put a hold on the work and depending on conditions the timeline of a year should be on target. With any luck Mother Nature will not repeat the harsh conditions of this year and in the spring of 2015 this area will have a whole new look designed to reduce accidents and improve access to the businesses located along this busy route.

Local residents will also notice orange work signs appearing along Enon-Xenia near I-70 indicating that the plan for adding a third lane to the interstate is not far away.