The Village of Enon unveiled its new logo Thursday, January 30.

The new logo was created because a digital version of Enon’s former logo was needed to adorn the village’s new website. Village Administrator Chris Lohr said the company that created the new website was able to reproduce the existing logo, but took the liberty of creating a new one for the village as well.

“They put together an alternative and sent it to us, and we liked it,” Lohr said. “We went back and forth between the designer, village council, and village staff to make sure everything looked right before we officially approved it,” said Lohr, adding that details on the Adena Mound and its surrounding fence as well as the old log cabin had to be just right before approval.

Surrounding the design is Enon’s first official motto, which reads: “Preserving a proud past, building a bright future.”

Lohr said the new motto is fitting, given Enon’s richness in Native American and Pioneer history.

Dave Price, proprietor of Dave Price Auto Sales, LLC in Enon, was pleased with the new logo and its message, being that his shop is just a block or so away from the iconic mound. “It’s great that it embellishes some notable landmarks such as the Enon Mound and the 1830 Log Home,” said Price. “With all the wonderful and caring people who reside in the village, I see no problem with residents building a bright future.”