An Enon Mad River Township EMS crew responded to a medical call in the 1100 block of Cardinal Drive in Houck Meadows on Saturday mid-afternoon. As the crew began their assessment they took note of some unlabeled materials on the back patio of the home. Law enforcement was called to the scene to assist with clearing the location for EMS personnel.

According to Chief Tracy Young, one of the occupants of the home had a number of open containers on the patio that were unmarked along with household items normally purchased at a hardware or big box retailer. Following a discussion with the individual, Young consulted with the EPA and other agencies in making a plan for securing the unmarked items. It was decided that a Hazardous Materials response was needed to secure the open containers.

Clark County Haz Mat teams were joined by a team from Wright Patterson AFB at the scene and removed the items to specially designed containers.

First responders notified neighboring property owners to remain in their homes during the five hour process. According to Chief Young, the property owner will be responsible for removal of the sealed containers by using a specialty contractor. The property owner will be billed by Clark County for the Haz Mat response. Young stressed that there is no danger to the public regarding the containers.

Young suggested that individuals need to be aware of the danger involved in mixing everyday household items as the wrong combination could be dangerous. With the advent of YouTube and other internet sources, individuals may encounter suggestions on mixing chemicals that can result in a similar need for intervention by professionals.