The Mad River Township Trustees held their organizational meeting on Monday after a delay of one week due to the hazardous weather conditions on January 6. Kathy Estep will serve as president of the board for 2014 and trustee Joe Catanzaro will serve as vice president. The trustees considered changing the concept of rotating contacts for the various departments, but agreed to make changes again this year. Trustee Catanzaro will be the contact for the township deputy, road and cemetery crews. Trustee Estep will be the liaison for the Enon Fire and EMS Department while trustee McClure will work with the Hustead Fire and Hustead EMS Departments. Area residents may continue to contact any of the trustees with concerns or road issues.

A change for the township board concerning meetings on holidays was considered. The board approved that all Monday meetings that fall on a holiday this year will be held the following day (Tuesday) of the same week. Trustees meet the first and third Monday of the month with an informal session beginning at 7 pm followed by a formal session at 7:30 pm.

The Hustead Fire Department and the Hustead EMS Department were busy in 2013, but could not compare to the 1,692 responses made by the Enon/MR Township Fire and EMS Departments. Chief Tracy Young reported that his department has already made 63 responses since January first. In his report, Young again praised his crews for their work. It was a particularly difficult Christmas Day for first responders with three cardiac arrests. Four members of the EMS Department had a more enjoyable call prior to the meeting, successfully delivering a baby in the field.

The road crews have been very busy this winter with the use of 375 tons of salt and grit on township roads thus far. Don O’Connor recognized the good work of his crews in keeping not only the streets clear, but the cemetery roads as well. O’Connor reported that a twenty five by ten foot section of roadway in the 4500 block of Green Meadows will be repaired this week due to damage by a large truck. Old Mill Road has been patched using two tons of materials on the winter damage thus far.

Deputy Jeff Wise reported to trustees that calls to traffic accidents have increased due to the reduction in force by the Ohio State Patrol in the county. Wise also reported that the Fox Shooting Loft will begin operations in February. Wise noted that last month several mailboxes were again damaged along Hagen Road and in Echo Hills. Similar damage was also reported in the Village of Enon.

Trustee Catanzaro reported that the Clark County Engineer’s office is still waiting on a resolution from the Village of Enon regarding the speed limit changes for Broadway Road.

The Enon Eagle asked if the trustees have been made aware of a decision on the designation of the Mad River as a recreational river for the State. Trustee Estep noted that she had seen information regarding the designation, but deferred to audience member Alan Donaldson. Donaldson reported that the designation has not been made due to the need for further conversations with local government entities and the Chamber of Commerce. The State is now looking at a movement to have the Miami River designated as recreational. Donaldson noted that it may not have been the right time for the residents of Clark County to seek the designation for the Mad.

The trustees will meet in regular session again on Monday, January 20.