According to Trustee Joe Catanzaro the residents of Parkridge Acres are tired of trash and other materials being stockpiled on some of the properties in the subdivision.  He reported to the board members that he has received complaints from those residents.

“Our community is changing” said Bob McClure of the concerns noting that the county must enforce the zoning code.

Trustee Estep noted that the township has no zoning of its own to cover these complaints.  Catanzaro stated that he wants an “ordinance” to address the problems but was reminded again that the township has no say in the matter.

Catanzaro also reported that residents are having concerns regarding breaking and entering in the subdivision but have been reluctant to contact law enforcement.  It was suggested that they may need to consider a community watch program with neighbors.

Also at the meeting resident Joe Smaldon reported that there are cars in West Enon and in Green Meadows being parked in yards and in the right of way.  He spoke to trustees about the conditions of the two subdivisions and the neglect being seen by residents related to property upkeep and parking of vehicles.

Catanzaro promised Smaldon that he would have answers by the next meeting about how the township might be able to work with the county to look at the concerns.  Catanzaro again spoke about passing an “ordinance” regarding the parking of vehicles.

Township Deputy Ben Barrett addressed the limitations he has in regards to zoning and vehicle enforcement.    He noted that there are strict guidelines on what he can enforce related to vehicles on private property.

In his closing remarks Smaldon stated “I hold you guys responsible for the township”.  He noted that he will be at the next meeting to hear what has been accomplished related to the concerns raised.

Trustees approved the use of the Ohio Fire Code which was passed in 2017 to be used by the local department in regards to home and business inspections. 

Trustees were told that the emergency services department will be asking for a new medic unit this year and that estimates will be sought by the department.

Statistics on the number of responses by the Enon/Mad River Township are department are being gathered  by Assistant Chief Jackie Ashworth and Chief Wendling plans to provide those to the trustees for 2018 at their next meeting.

Wendling also asked for a down payment for the new electronic sign but the trustees did not approve the allocation of the funds at their meeting.

Road Supervisor Don O’Connor reported that there is an increase in dumping along Snyder Road including a commode, large television and other household items.  He will be contacting the Clark County Sheriff’s Department regarding the illegal dumping along the roadway.

O’Connor also noted that residents did not attend to their leaves last year and his crews have had to remove them from catch basins and gutters to allow for proper drainage.

Estep brought up a request from the Citizens Against Mining to the board.  They voted to grant permission for the organization to move forward with naming a small tributary to Mud Run which is not named on any maps.  Estep stated that this is the first step as outlined in the U. S. Geological Survey requirements. 

The board will continue to meet the first and third Monday of each month beginning at 7:30 pm.  A public address opportunity is available following the business portion of each meeting.