Homeowners and farmers with property located along Mud Run and its tributaries are feeling the effect of heavy rains that have hit the community since last night.  An estimated 2.4 inches of rain have fallen in the past 16 hours with more to come.

Residents in the apartments at the end of Hunter Road are land locked on a small island as flood waters fill parking lots and streets.

One family living on Sunnybrook Trail at Brunswick were lucky to have a neighbor coming home to help them get their children from the school bus and avoid walking through the deep water flooding their street. 

Members of the Mad River Township Fire and EMS Department were out checking flooded areas in preparation for any calls and planning for how to access the flooded areas.  One fire hydrant near the park on Sunnybrook was submerged except for the very top.

Enon Council Member waded through the flood waters on Sunnybrook near the soccer fields and playground to check on conditions.

Residents found Fowler Road with water flowing over the banks closing the roadway.  The farm located along Fowler had water up to their out buildings moving toward the barn from the swollen Mud Run.

Residents should be careful this evening as night falls to avoid being caught in flooded roadways as rains continue and flood waters continue to rise.