The Clark County Dog Warden was alerted to a possible cruelty case involving adolescents in our area following a post on social media.  Early reports indicated that the teens involved had posted a video on at least two internet sites that depicted mistreatment of a puppy. 

Thanks to an alert adult who ignored personal threats to anyone who contacted the authorities, the information was relayed to the Dog Warden’s office for further investigation into what actually occurred and can take action if necessary regarding the video incident.

Early reports also indicated that the adults were referred to the Humane Society Serving Clark County by the Sheriff’s Office to report the incident.  The Humane Society closed in August of 2017. 

The Clark County Dog Wardens are not affiliated with the Humane Society and serve  all residents of Clark County regarding stray dogs and acts of cruelty.  Their department is located at 3673 Middle Urbana Road and serves as a shelter for stray dogs and administrative offices.

If you need assistance, you can contact the office at 521-2140.  The county has seen an upswing in cruelty cases this year and the investigators have been busy checking on a number of reports as the year draws to a close.