Clark County Commissioners decided to sell an easement of land along the Mad River near Interstate 675 and Spangler Road, saying the decision will protect the property from development in the future, as well as possibly reducing water customers’ fees in the long run.

At the December 18 meeting of Clark County Commissioners, they acknowledged and awarded the sale of the easement to B-W Greenway Community Land Trust.  The 134-acre easement was purchased in a $298,000.00 bid from B-W Greenway, but will require the Clark County Board of Commissioners to pay B-W Greenway $10,000 to fund a Stewardship Endowment for the land.  The Stewardship Agreement will fund B-W Greenway’s annual inspections of the easement to see that county commissioners are adhering to the terms of the agreement. 

County Commissioners said the Board found that the use of the land for a conservation easement will be consistent with the need of such land for public use by Clark County, and that B-W Greenway was found to be the highest responsible bidder for the property. 

The easement is part of the 165 acres of property in Mad River Township purchased by Clark County at auction in 2007, intended for development a well field that would eventually act as a supplemental source of water for Huber Heights, Park Layne, and parts of Miami County.

The B-W Greenway Community Land Trust is an organization working to connect Greene County’s Beaver Creek Wetlands with Clark County’s Wenrick Wetlands “to create a strategic link in the Greater Dayton Greenbelt” by preserving and protecting ground and surface water, encouraging sustainable agriculture, preserving and enhancing native plant and wildlife habitats, and minimizing pollution and consumption. 

Bob Jurick of B-W Greenway said that although the purchase is not officially complete, he does not anticipate any problems to arise.  Jurick said there are seven or eight forms that have to be filed as well as an appraisal, but believes that the project should be complete by mid to late-January.