The votes are counted and the residents of Greenon Local School District will be seeing a new school building on the current site of Indian Valley School sometime in the 2020’s. Voters approved the 6.98 mill levy which will appear on tax bills starting in January 2018 and remain there for the next 37 years. "The Board of Education and Administration thank the community for their support for our district and investment in excellent schools for our students with the approval of tonight's bond issue" said Brad Silvus, Greenon Superintendent. "We look forward to working with all community members to design the future of Greenon Local Schools."

With all of the votes counted, the bond issue was approved by 1,780 with 1,259 saying no to new taxes. Voters in Clark Shawnee Local denied the need for new schools at the ballot box defeating their levy 1,345 to 1,219 for the levy.

The Village of Enon once again could not convince residents that they need additional funding for the police department. Again voters said no to the 5 mill property tax levy with 495 saying no and 315 voting for new taxes.

It is expected that the Enon Village Council will look at the levy results and perhaps discuss next steps at their meeting on Tuesday, May 9 at 7 pm at the Enon Village Government Center.

Local residents working in Springfield will see the successful passing of the income tax take a hit on their paycheck. Voters in the city approved the new income tax 3,002 to 1,492 against the new taxes.

Total ballots cast in this special election for Clark County were 10,074.

The Enon Eagle will have full coverage of the reaction by the district and additional information on next steps in our May 10, 2017 edition.