The Ohio Highway Patrol investigated an accident on Enon Road Friday afternoon.

Initial reports indicate that a woman was northbound on Enon Rd. from Enon and sailed through the 4-way stop at Lower Valley Pike. At the top of the hill she reportedly turned around, narrowly missing employees of the County Engineer’s office who were making repairs.

The driver is reported to have turned around, picked up speed coming down the hill, tried to pass another vehicle on a solid yellow line and sideswiped it. As she neared the bottom of the hill, she went off the roadway, took out several mailboxes, a fence line and a metal gate, went into the ditch, went airborne, then landed on the right side of the road.

Enon Police Chief Lew Wilcox and Officer Leo Banks were on the lookout for a red pickup truck that came off of Route 4 and was headed north on Enon Rd. when they came across the accident. Banks notified Dispatch of the accident and was advised that Bethel Medics were enroute.

The driver was not responsive. Wilcox checked for a pulse and performed a sternum rub and then administered two doses of Narcan, with little results.

Bethel Medics reportedly administered additional doses of Narcan and the driver came around. She reportedly told Medics that she didn’t remember the accident.

The driver, Cherish Bays, of North Dr., was charged with failure to control and two counts of driving under suspension. She was released to a family member.