The Enon Police Department held a press conference on Friday, April 14 with an update on the recent routine OVI stop conducted by one of the part time officers that lead to an investigation and warrant for a residence in Parkridge Acres.

On Friday, Chief Lew Wilcox announced that the total estimated value of drugs seized in the home located at 1481 Parkridge Drive in Mad River Township to a conservative estimate of $100,000. “This was an elaborate operation” said Wilcox of the seizure that took 30 pounds of marijuana plants, packaged marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms, 6000 doses of LSD packaged for sale, 34 g of Cocaine, MDMA (ecstasy), 22 g of DMT and 127 g of hashish out of the home of 32 year old Matthew Reschauer.

Upon entering the residence on April 5, 2017, the five Enon officers and three officers of the Clark County Joint Drug Task Force located and seized an AR15 rifle and a large amount of cash. During the traffic stop conducted by Enon officer Durham, Reschauer was found to have a loaded handgun, Cocaine, Hashish and LSD in his possession. “He knew what he was doing and had obviously been doing it for several years” said Wilcox of the drug house set up found during the execution of the search warrant. Grow equipment was also taken from the location by police who found an elaborate growing system in the basement of the home owned by Melanie Pollard according to Clark County Municipal Court documents found on their web site. Pollard cooperated with officers who served the search warrant around 12:30 pm on April 5.

Reschauer was charged with OVI, Mishandling of a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle and Carrying a Concealed Weapon on April 5 when he was booked into the Clark County Jail. He was able to be released on a $2,500 bond after pleading not guilty in Clark County Municipal Court. He was arrested on April 11 and charged with a Third Degree Felony for Illegal Manufacture / Cultivation of Drugs. He is expected to appear in court on April 19; however no attorney has been recorded for the case. Reschauer is out of jail on a higher bond as of press time.

Parkridge Acres where the home is located is just off of Dayton Road to the east of Enon. Reschauer was stopped by officer Durham on April 5 after running the red light in town. It was the training and observation skills of Officer Durham that lead to the arrest and the seizure of a major drug operation in a quiet residential area of Mad River Township. Wilcox commended Durham for his actions in bringing his suspicions to the Chief and the Lieutenant who assisted in obtaining the search warrant.   It should be noted that Enon is seeing an increase in drugs coming through the village.

If you see something in your neighborhood that seems out of the ordinary, you should contact the Enon Police Department or the Clark County Sheriff’s office. Residents should not investigate any suspicious activity, but rather leave it to the professionals.