The National Weather Service in Wilmington OH has confirmed a tornado southwest of Enon in Clark County Ohio on April 5, 2017.

The first evidence of damage occurred to a home and farm buildings along Dayton-Springfield Road southwest of Enon.

While there were numerous homes in the area which sustained tree damage and lightweight debris damage, the vast majority of this damage was from straightline winds estimated at 70 mph. The wind damage was southwest to northeast with no evidence of tornadic winds making direct contact with the ground nor debris found on downwind sides of buildings.

There was embedded damage to a farm home and barns where large sections of roofing material was peeled off and lofted, causing damage to the downwind home. There was additional roof damage to he home and 2 additional farm buildings. The southward facing garage door to the home was blown inward. Two combines located in one of the outbuildings were pushed downwind, with the outbuilding itself collapsed.

Where there was evidence of tornado damage was in the downwind/northeast facing wall of the home and one of the barns, where debris splatter was observed. Because of heavy rain after the passage of the storm, direct ground damage indicative of a tornado in contact with the ground was inconclusive.