Residents in the Mad River Township subdivisions have experienced an increase in thefts and damage to vehicles at their homes in the last month.  According to reports made to the Clark County Sheriff, since late November, the Green Meadows area has been hard hit.

From late November through mid December, a spree of vehicle burglaries occurred in the overnight hours.  Reports of stolen cash, knives, and electronic equipment were made to the sheriff in the area of New Horizon Avenue, New York and Marion.  Owners of the vehicles indicated to the deputy taking each report that their vehicles were unlocked in the majority of cases.  The vehicles were either parked in their driveway or on the street in front of their home when the items were taken.  The thefts appear to be happening after midnight through the early morning hours. 

In addition to the thefts, two vehicles were damaged as well.  One vehicle had a window broken by a suspected firearm discharge while another in the Hunter Road area also received damage to a window. 

Law enforcement agencies continue to work together to resolve the thefts.  In December a number of vehicles were also burglarized in the Village of Enon. 

According to national statistics, vehicles left unlocked in your driveway or outside your home are often a target for theft.  The individuals will walk up and “test” the doors.  A locked door is often left alone while the individuals move on to the next driveway.   Leaving money, electronic devices or other valuables in plain sight gives the perpetrator ample opportunity to help themselves to your items.  Locking your vehicle even during daylight hours is a good practice.

If you are a parent or guardian and find that your teen or early twenty year old appears to have new items such as hunting equipment, knives, extra cash or electronic devices and you did not purchase them, you may want to question how they came to acquire the items.  Statistics point to juvenile or young adults as the possible suspects in these thefts.  You can contact the Clark County Sheriff at 328-2560 if you have any information that could help to resolve these thefts or prevent further occurrences.

Anyone noticing activity in their area that is out of the norm should also contact the dispatcher at the number above.  The Enon Police Department is also dispatched by the Sheriff’s Department.  A formal neighborhood watch is not needed to report suspicious activity.  Law enforcement note that the call not made may be the one that could solve a theft problem.