The quick actions of a resident on Ottawa Drive in Holiday Valley regarding an alarm at Fox Shooting Loft alerted Clark County dispatch at 3:40 am on Thursday morning. Upon arrival at the scene at 3:45 am, two deputies arriving at the scene noticed taillights leaving the area of the business headed toward I-675. One deputy went in pursuit of that vehicle while the other investigated the scene finding that the front doors smashed and a gaping hole in the building where the entrance once stood.

Gun store manager John Duchesne arrived at the store and confirmed to deputies that a number of weapons were missing. Later an F-150 pickup was found abandoned on Haddix Road. Only one suspect was seen entering the business on the video surveillance.

Despite the quick action by the deputies in calling for Canine officer Yari, he was unable to locate any suspects.

The Enon Eagle will have a full story in the January 13 issue along with updates as they are available on our website.