The Enon Eagle received a report of an incident on Stine Road around 6:30 on Sunday evening. Upon arrival at the scene Stine was blocked at the intersection of Southern Vista and Stine Road. Numerous law enforcement vehicles were on scene at the intersection of Stine and Antioch Drive. Reports from bystanders indicated that a pedestrian had been struck and seriously injured. Cars headed north and south bound on the road could be seen within the crime scene tape on Stine.

Michael Coleman a 69 year old man from Springfield was struck and killed just north of Antioch Drive. Reports indicate that the northbound car was driven by 19 year old Kaleb Wallace of Enon and that the pedestrian was walking in the middle of the lane. Residents along Stine Road rendered aid until units arrived according to reports at the scene. The investigation is being handled by The Ohio State Patrol. Charges against the driver are pending the outcome of the investigation.

Residents that we spoke to who live on the west side of Stine Road stated that the lack of lighting on the roadway is a problem along with speeders in this area on a regular basis. The speed limit on this roadway is 35 MPH. One resident reported walking his dog on the stretch of road and having concerns for the lack of street lights in this area. Edge lines along the road are faded and pedestrians must walk on the lawns of homeowners in order to allow a safe distance from traffic in the area due to a lack of sidewalks and improved road edges.

This area was brought to the attention of The Clark County Transportation Coordinating Committee in the past as needing better options for anyone wishing to walk to the McDonalds or the grocery store from West Enon or the Green Meadows subdivisions. No action was ever taken by the county or Mad River Township to improve the roadway for walkers or to provide additional lighting.

Several years ago reflective arrows were placed in front of the house located at the intersection of Southern Vista and W. Enon Drive due to a number of vehicle accidents. It wasn’t until a vehicle struck the home that action was taken to rectify the dangerous curve. At the time the township board of trustees did respond to requests from the homeowner for assistance and the reflective signage was installed. This is just a few blocks from the site of the fatal accident and lighting in this area is also limited.

The Eagle reached current Trustee President Joe Catanzaro for comment on the concerns of the residents at the scene concerning additional lighting on the busy roadway leading to local retail centers in the township. Catanzaro stated that the board has not received any complaints from residents of the area since he took office in 2010.

Catanzaro encouraged residents of the area along Stine Road where the accident occurred to contact the board of trustees with their concerns. He stated that he plans to visit the location of the fatal accident to look at the lighting situation prior to the next trustee meeting on November 16th.