Seems like The Carriage Inn has always been in Enon. Almost.


From 1975 until fall of 2014 the Stacy family has operated one of the best restaurants in the area. Dave and Pat Stacy appeared to live at the restaurant at the corner of East Main and Green Valley Drive, and the wait staff seemed like family as well. The cuisine was, and still is, freshly made traditional American food.


The comfortable atmosphere when Stacys owned the inn was a mix of antiques, local photos and artwork, and even an early piano. One could go left to larger tables for groups and go right to smaller booths and cosy “two- or four-tops.”


Like many hometown hangouts there are regulars and then there are real regulars. If one stops by for breakfast, lunch or dinner there is always someone one knows. There is the daily, early morning coffee crowd as they prepare to head out to assorted work sites.


Sheriff Gene Kelly goes there regularly, but not just after church on Sundays for the well known chicken dinner, biscuits and homemade pie. Kelly said, “I go there through the week and on Fridays. I love the food, love the salad bar and house dressing.”


The Koons family is a long time patron. Charlie Koons, longest serving mayor, and his family could always be found there. That didn’t stop with his passing. His wife Geneva and her two daughters, Robin and Jennifer, have their regular evenings. “My sister,” said Robin, “goes there so often that Joe has put her on the Board of Directors.”


One of the longest serving staff is Martha Frock who is still working there, between her other job of Emergency Medical Service. She even conveniently lives nearby both jobs. Martha is celebrating 40 years at the restaurant.


When Dave Stacy passed away, Pat still kept a finger on the operation. After she retired in 2014, she sold the restaurant to long time visitor, Joseph Catanzaro. He also had a family restaurant experience for many decades at Catanzaro’s Pizza and Subs on Dayton Avenue. His family has continually owned and operated different venues of business in Springfield since 1889. Joe is also an elected Mad River Township Trustee.


Catanzaro said the transition has gone smoothly due to the perseverance of executive chef Benny Williams, head waitress Martha Frock, and new assistant Nicholas Catanzaro. And balancing the changeover were approximately 30 dedicated staff members who also stayed.


Although the traditional American food is still the staple, Catanzaro is Italian and now added homemade Italian dinners. He says, “It’s a family place where children are welcome and conversation is clean.”   Even the atmosphere is similar, although the new owner has redecorated and added different configurations of tables, booths, old photos, and a touch of antiques.


For those who have never stopped at The Carriage Inn, they will find inexpensive dinners under $10, lunch under $7, and breakfast under $6. Hours are daily 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  



Some of this information is the opinion of this writer, with information from the restaurant’s website.