My name is Buster and some people say I am a “throw away dog” because my family left me when they moved to another state. 

I started out as a cute puppy and I had a brother, but we were both left behind.  Thanks to the nice people at the Clark County Dog Warden’s office, they picked me and my brother up and got us to a safe place with food, water and a nice comfy bed on August 30 of last year.

My friend Krissi Hawke the lady who operates the Clark County SPCA came by and decided that we might have a good chance of being adopted.  After all we were still puppies and who doesn’t love a warm puppy right?  She says that was on September 19.

Ms Krissi made sure that we got to the vet and that we were up to date on all of our shots.  She even made sure we can’t make any puppies who might end up on the street like me and my brother.

I guess I am a throw away dog because my brother got a new home but I just can’t seem to find anyone to love me forever and that makes me very sad.  While Ms. Krissi and everyone at the SPCA is very kind and they make sure I have everything, all I really want is a home of my very own.  I don’t have to live in Clark County if the right family wants to take me home you know.

The people that were my neighbors told Ms. Krissi that I am a “shepard/great dane” mix.  I am a big strong boy, but maybe you have a nice big house and place that needs a good dog like me.

I did get to go to a house but because I did not get along with the cat, they brought me back to Ms. Krissi.  Then another nice lady brought me to her house, but I was too strong and broke the crate they had for me.  Opps, I did not know my own strength.

Krissi says that my forever home may be best if I am an only dog and no cats.  I loved to wrestle with my brother so I am a strong dog and I love to run and play.  I need supervision because I tend to want to explore a little too much because I am just 18 months old so I will need to be in a safe place if you work.

I love to chase a ball.  It is one of my very favorite things to do.  I need to go to training or have someone who is kind and knows how to train dogs.  I am a big loveable boy and with just the right person or family of adults and even some bigger kids, I think I have a good chance to find that special home I so wish I had. 

It has been a long stay at the doggie hotel Krissi owns, but I am more than ready to have you help me find a new home where I get to be your best friend.

Thank you for helping me to look for my new family and if you have any questions, call my friends at the Clark County SPCA 937- 925-6602 or message them on Face Book. 

Love Buster